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Alaskan Beach Boy

Hey folks you all return to your ships

They all wait silently at those harbor towns

You all just got your anchors so well fixed

They keep your smiles from falling down onto this dusty ground


If you don’t want to you just don’t smile

If you don’t want to you just don’t


Hey folks you all got your personal tricks

To make it feel okay

You all just got your treasures in wooden boxes

They lying there at sheltered bays somewhere so far away from me


If you don’t want to you just don’t kiss

If you don’t want to you just don’t


Hey folks you wanna know why I’m so friendly

It’s cause I’m alone

But I know the one thing about me you will remember

It’s how I’s dancing with a stone calling it my home



All the Beautiful Women


A subway elevator

Told me to start life a little later

But the butterfly ladies

They leave but they excuse


Hey now what should I do

Is the answer up to you

Or does the question

Already misuse you


Mama Mama Mama all the beautiful women

Are heading for the coast

Mama Mama Mama when they reach out for my skin

They feel they touch a ghost


The mouthpiece of your trumpet

I got it in my pocket

I take everything I can get

Just a-wanna be close to you


The bad girls take it easy

Don’t wonder how to please me

Just walk away if they see me

A little too upset


The good girls they need their time

To get rid of their innocent smiles

Some day they wanna taste it

Some sweeter kind of life


Mama Mama Mama all the beautiful women

Are heading for the coast

Mama Mama Mama when I reach out for their skin

I feel I touch a ghost

Your ghost



Alright my Dear


You are the weekend that will start on Sunday night

You are the trembling surgeon who’s short of time


You are the pilot fainting when he even thinks of heights

You are the grandest chieftain but last of your tribe


Hey if you got a problem

If your days are gonna fall

If life taps on your shoulder and you can’t hear the call


You are the teacher but there’s nothing that you know

You are the heavy weight champions contender that’s afraid of blows


You are the policeman in a country without laws

You are the preacherman’s son but you hate your flaws


Hey if you got a problem

If your world’s about to end

If your life is lacking each and every coincidence


You are the executioner completly unable to hurt

You are the talented poet getting short of words


You are the drummer whose hands are tied onto his back

You are the record breaking heat wave to the drying out lake


Hey if you got a problem

If nothing’s feeling right at all

If the sun that lights your day always seems to fall but all it will be alright

And it comes back after all and you’ll be alright my dear

It’ll recall your calls all the years


Love comes with no prize

At least you got the money to buy it

Love comes oversized

But you have the planes to fly it


But if you got a problem

To take what should be yours

If your keys don’t fit every door


You are the carnival that saddens the whole land

You are the Nick Drake songbook to the hardrock band


You are the child in a currant state of war

But the peace you brought is what it was for


So if you got a problem

If your days are gonna fall

Step out to the sky it will be there and all and all will be alright

Love will all it will all it will all dive in here




If I had the money and the skills

I’d build a balcony right onto your house

Me I wouldn’t do it because of jealousy

At night I’d sleep there amongst your flowers

And the chairs would be my pillows oh

And the table would be my blanket oh


If I had the water and the time

I’d build a swimming pool right onto your house

And I’d make the kind of music that you’re swinging to

And the last dance would be ours

And then we’d share a pillow oh

And our love would be rising

Underneath the stars that glow


If I had the rivers and the stones

I’d build a mountainside right inside your garden

If some stones would be left I’d build a fountain inside

We’d watch it sprinkle – pardon

The bees would be our eagles oh

And the other bees would just stay bees oh


If I had the ocean and the earth

I’d build a continent right onto your world

There’d be freedom for every resident

If possible all houses would have a balcony

A fountain as a swimming pool for the birds

A fountain for the birds

For the birds


Bathroom Gallery


Hey now I don´t see why you talk to me

But wait there´s a good picture of mine

In the bathroom gallery


There is no floor

There is no free ride and no free lemonade


The police cars backdoors

They keep a shade

Of the perfect lie I´m always taking with me


Hey wait mama

I really wanna speak

The truth that´s within me


There´s noone I wanna see

Except maybe someone

That could see me


And yes of course a smile is tumbling out of my face

But that´s just for your peace


Best Man


He wants to be the best man the best man of the world

He wants all the love and all desire of each and every girl


He wants you to smile just when you get a glimpse of him when you pass by

He wants all your passion all your passion all your life


Look out on the street there’s the most terrible dangers

Look out on the street there’s the most beautiful strangers


(Showing you what your life could be)

They dance in ecstasy

They dance in liberty

Wave to you but not to me


He wants to be the best good lover of all times

He wants the girl in the supermarket to get started to believe in love at first sight


He wants to know all secrets his wisdom should be televised

He wants to write the best song the one that makes you cry


(He makes you cry he makes you cry)

Look out on the street there’s the most terrible dangers

Look out on the street there’s the most beautiful strangers


(Showing you what your life could be)

They dance in ecstasy

They dance in liberty

Wave to you but not to me


Big Golden Bow


Fighting the sorrow with a big golden bow

Your arrows of beauty I feared them so you were hiding it


If you’re leaving tomorrow I’m leaving today

I’m planning to follow but I need several lifetimes deciding it


Cause I used to wait for the US of A

With armies and bombs and bubblegum to cast the pain away


But now you ride on a horse with a flying white flag

I called the world to surrender and it was you that came advertising it


Now my city’s a forest with silent dark trees

And when I hear voices I don’t move analysing it


While I’m building a shelter of flowers and clay

You point to the sky and without being noticed you lighten it


You can hide from the light but not from the dark

So I’m killing the spark

Get out of your ark

Swim as far as I can get





Boots boots boots boots travelling boots are good for nothing

When you you you try to walk away from the one that you are loving

And the one you love she’s taking your hand says your hands are cold

You say my heart is too


Hearts hearts hearts hearts broken hearts are good for something

Oh they must be when you feel the warmth in your bed after she

Parts parts parts parts parts of you only can think about one thing

That’s touching her

The both of you undressing there

In living rooms in kitchens in all the bathrooms of the world

She’s leaving on her boots


(And these boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do)

Oh her boots boots boots boots make this life so big and wild

A whole machinery of ghosts breastfed by the fire welcome by the light

And you you you the both of you met there in a symphony of dirt and white

Violins trumpets everything


Your life has been delivered with a galaxy of youth

Your soul has been delivered with an urgency for truth

And with boots


Boots boots boots boots travelling boots are good for something
They’re made for walking away from this blues blues blues blues

For standing for making love for sweating in them for jumping


(These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do)

These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do

I step into the bathroom and it’s there I’m meeting you


Braindoc & Princess


The braindoctor and the princess

Have bitten on their tongue

Questioned ‘bout their weaknesses

They turned them to this song

Their alphabet had many S’s

Some of them even they had trouble to spell

Love’s always a pioneer

Where it’s headed you can’t tell


The airfield and the tennis court

Had big spotlights on the side

Their loudspeakers were turned to max

This song agreed with pride

A kind of a spaceship was attracted

By the curious S’s and the lights

Love’s always a volunteer

Why it’s coming you can’t spy


The spaceship and the aeroplane

Had a radar thing on board

The spaceship had a kind of additional crane

To pick up the melody of this song

The braindoc pointed to the sun

The princess smiled

Said it’s the tennis ball from your service


Love’s always filled with errors

And that’s why I rub my nose on the mirror

It’s the mirror of your smile

Love is never to be seen

On the radar or in general with eyes


Weakness airfield pioneer braindoc princess crane

S’s matchball volunteer the radar system on a plane

The loudspeakers and of course the spaceship too

What are they to do in this song

They are there to wave hello

And to say that I love you



We tried to return to and escape from our families

We were kissing like a jungle fire made our own recipes of luck


Now everything is broken

It all burned down to the top

No friendly words were spoken out


We fell in love and like a bird in early fall

We fell out of it the whole nest that we installed had dropped


So everything is broken

I just stopped

No right words have been spoken out


I was going to the river

I felt no more warmth in the way we quivered

We found out in late December

That this and all further new years had been called off


Our smiles made melodies all of a sudden we could dance

Our hearts were doing rhthms we welcomed this coincidence

Now they’re just rocks


Everything is broken

Something brought them to a stop

When yesterday we were just joking around


There’s a desert where there’s been an ocean

I remember the waves their motions have stopped

Our mouths petrified and filled with silence

Frozen whilst forming a perfect goodbye they just stopped

It all just stopped

Our love has come to this place flew away and lit it up



Causing a Change in the Weather

I ate fish but was no fisherman

From my canisters and rusty cans

In a morning that brought this masterpiece of mind


They blew out the red lights of your record cam

Took the good part of your secret lands

That in a stormy day was washed out like a creature of bad kind

You belonged to the city for a couple of hours a day

And for the rest of the time you were taking a break

From yourself like an actor in his bad phase


I wish  I wish I’d feel a little better you know

I´m just feeling afraid of wherever you go

With that secret in your suitcase


Your suitcase is so much better

It´s causing a change in the weather





The acrobat can’t find her left ballerina shoe the show starts in a bit

Her sweat-proof makeup handles the four five tears with ease

The kind of ease on stage like she has it


The circus is there in the city

It’s been there for a whole eternity

Look what time has done to it


Like in the movies they all living there in wagons

Most of them could use a little repair

Repair’s the word that will most likely not apply

To the clown’s and acrobat’s affair


There’s a darkness in this city

It’s been there for a whole eternity

I guess that time brought it

Only time might take it


The stars accepted their goodbye

They were half disappointed half surprised by it

She said I never found out from what we hide

The clown said that’s what clowns and acrobats are like that’s no secret


But there’s a beauty in this city

It’s been there for a whole eternity

Our love had it

Let’s not be fuzzy

Our love has it



Clouds & Aeroplanes


You’re beautiful my love


Good night my love I’m just a little late

You fell asleep in the early morning hours of the day

We got tired from all the love that we just made

You a little more or is it just your trust my babe


This sofa is our boat and this city is our sea

And this lamp is moving westward

Like it’s each sun’s destiny

The clouds and aeroplanes

Watch the stories of our dreams

As if it’s just why they’d be there

In this perfect scenery

Our love

Daddy’s Revolver


I tried to sharpen my thoughts to drill a hole into my head

And from the outside I tried it with daddy’s revolver instead


Open your mind and let the world in

And fireworks would start a triumphant begin


But the gun was made of plastic and the thoughts were made of fear

I’ll keep this bullet as a reminder in my pocket reminding me of all those lost years


So I just try to sharpen my thoughts to drill a hole into my head

So I try to sharpen my thoughts to drill a hole into my head

To drill a hole into my head


So open your mind and let the world in

And fireworks should mark a triumphant begin

Triumphant begin


If I ever feeling lonely

And if I ever don’t

I’ll be there at my parent’s first kiss

And I’ll wave my hellos




Daylight will come

We gently push it through this song

We got the spare time watch it make pirouettes out in the river


If the stars are ready to fall

Explode into some kind of rock n’roll

We take a breath from the earth that just a hurrican can deliver


An accident

Heavenly sent

An emergency call


We’re not gonna dance

What a spectacular romance

Cause dance is too little a word for what our bodies are really doing


If they’re ready to crack

In a hundred years one will look back on us

And noone will remember the love that we threw in


We held our hands

As a defence

Against the deaths of the world and their horrors


Night time will come

We let go of the sun

We leave our dayjobs form orchestras out of the fire


We are ready to descend

We had this moment where life made sense

We had a second or two where we were really belonging together


And if daylight won’t come

We pull it from this song

We make the continents turn to the sun forever and ever


We kissed hello

Embraced and all

Believed that we are the ones to whom life finally matters


Elephants & Dogs


Elephants and dogs they held this meeting in the fog

I’m not sure but I think they’re planning a rebellion

Rabbits parakeets slowly turning into beasts

Now they’re chasing after me in the millions


Even the tigers and the cats when I try to touch their heads

They’re backing away like I’m some deciphered chameleon

The jaguars and rats it was them detecting that

I’m a hunter with the looks of a civilian


Thought I believed in life

Thought I believed in life

Thought I believed in life


I tried so hard to be nice now I’m tangled up in lies

I hit you like I’m the feather weight champion

And the bird this feather’s from

Forced me into its song about your beauty and love and how I trampled on it


Thought I believed in love

Thought I believed in love


The monkeys out there on the avenue they wave to me and you

And they know what to do

In the morning in the evening in the middle of the night


The bees and the owls have left the field we walked around

Instead of sleeping I search for them wait for their motions

Dolphins and whales they majestically exhale

Our love was the air and the water in their oceans


And they said hey we don’t believe it

And I said I just don’t know what to do

This we can tell you that’s up to you


And I said am I not a poor and lonely motherfucker

Captured and pushed into the blue

They said if that’s your message to the world then a millions lives won’t do


I’m just so afraid of love the biggest thing there ever was

The wildest the freest the easiest and the hardest

Spiders coyotes I force their children away from me

I make a move as if I moonwalk and run like hell into the forest


Wish I believe in life

Wish I believe in love

Wish I believe in you


Wish I believe in the beauty and in the imperfection and the youth

Wish not wanting to find myself in you


Falling in Love


Got a mask from the taylor that´s the money worth

And a flattering life from the inside of the earth

First you make love then it dissappears like a promise

That noone made but you definately heard


She sang a song in my parking lot

Breaking the consciousness of this permanent stop


And she said what´s the matter

And I said oh no nothing was afraid I might let her

Walk away like an evening cloud

With the difference that the sun was not on duty


Imagine a person having 400 lovers

And that one was you and you made love undercover

Of the night your cathedrals and your anxious smiles

But you just could not help it


Intense like you almost forgot

Like a forbidden breath that you just cannot stop


You need a voice a voice to use the freedom of speech

And a desire big enough to save you from the deep

And a beauty face cream like the babes on TV

Cause they´re happy with it so truly

Falling in love

Falling in love


Whose got the power the freedom the head high enough

Who doesn´t turn to a victim when falling in love

Who´s that Jesus-like figure having small talk in the bath

Seducing without hurting


And who will make you mine

And who´s to blame for you opening your thrird bottle of wine


So hungry and devastated

On the floor but just not related

Flying from the bridge with the triumphant smile

Of the love drunken but rejected tyrant


Fidel Castro


We dream ourselves of being Fidel Castro

In early days of no psycho disasters

We send our loneliness up to the thunder

Force Washington to divide all its plunder with us

And Fidel Castro


The sun has burned his skin to plaster

Her eyes blinded the ones of Fidel Castro

And while her beauty is confusion the atom

The Kennedy killers are beginning to let on who they are

Sent by Fidel Castro


We enter the cockpit Boeing 747

And push ourselves in a moon-landing heaven

And if we should reach the shores of Cuba

We get ourselves down cause we know that you are there somewhere

Fidel Castro


We are the world’s most fortunate lovers

We trick the CIA and all its undercover agents

Cause we’re a 100 times faster

We got the belief of the one and only Fidel Castro


Found no Wave in the Ocean

Found no wave in the ocean

But someone must have saved my notion

If I was somebody else

It´d be so easy to tell you my story


Hey if I was a pilot

I´d be causing a riot

Cause all the women they would be crying

When they watching me dying in full bloom


Shot down on a mission to the lonely skies

Hey if I had your permission

I’d be starting to fly


Laughing gas where are you flowing

Or shit do I have the wrong bottle open

I swear I could need a plan

Cause the only thing agreed upon is the end

Ain’t it scary


So I spoke to you about a wedding

Cause I found nothing instead of it

But our skin it is not lying

Does not seem to fit into my styling


Invisible man on his mission to the lonely skies

Hey if I had your permission

I’d be starting to fly


Francis Ford Coppola


Francis Ford Coppola appeared in my flat

But I can’t prove it

Though he gave me a puppet or something like that

Thought I can’t use it

Thought I had to refuse it

Thought that’s polite


Francis Ford’s daughter she gave me a kiss

I took it like a bandit

Her lips were a sea with an island on it

And my ship it landed

Not to say stranded

It was there I died


You’ve been my lover for a year and a day

You’re not my mother

I’m not your father

We just prove to each other

That we’re alright

That we’re alive


And our love shines like a diamond

Shines like a superstar

All our love

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